Episode 2 - Wolverine and the moss

Told by John Peastitute of Kawawachikamach and Joseph, Edward and Charlotte Rich of Sheshatshiu. Translated by Joseph Peastitute of Kawawachikamach and Matthew Rich of Sheshatshiu. Ref. Peter Desbarats (ed.). 1969. What they used to tell about. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Ltd.

One day in the forest, the wolverine thought he heard somebody talking.  But he couldn’t see anybody around. Finally he saw a rock, so he went to it.

He saw something black on the stone. It was moss.

 The wolverine said, “Are you talking?”

 They said, “Yes, we are.” (These things were talking to everything, just like the wolverine.)

 The wolverine said, “Are you good to eat?”

 “Yes, we are good to eat,” the moss answered, “but when people eat us, we make them fart.”

 So the wolverine pulled the moss off the rock and ate them.

 Not so long after he was running and, pout, out, he was running and, pout, pout, he was making a noise with his ass.  He was making a loud noise.

 The wolverine thought, “That is good. At least I have someone to talk to.”

 After a while, he wanted to kill something to eat.  But he couldn’t kill anything with his noise getting out of his ass.  Every time the wolverine saw something, he farted and scared it away.  He got very hungry.

 He decided to do something about it.  He made a fire, a big fire. Then he got a pointed rock and heated it until it was red hot.  Then he sat on it.

 The wolverine said, “Now you will shut up, my little ass.”

 So he burned it.  So he made a tiny hole. So his ass was making only a small noise.

 The wolverine said, “That’s a nice one.”

(He means a nice small noise.)

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